Score one for the fundamentalist thugs

COPENHAGEN – Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who has been attacked and repeatedly threatened over a drawing of Prophet Mohammed, has been placed on indefinite leave by his newspaper “for security reasons,” he told AFP Thursday.

“It is forced vacation but it looks a lot like I’m being retired,” the 75-year-old cartoonist said, adding that he himself still had an “insatiable desire” to work.

We all lose when Dark Ages preservationists get their way.

3 responses to “Score one for the fundamentalist thugs”

  1. Their is no difference between Islam fundamentalism and Christan fundamentalism. If you put them side by side and look at them they look exactly the same.

  2. That’s not true, Carl, and I don’t say that as a defender of Christian fundamentalists. But last I checked they haven’t murdered any movie directors or hung homosexuals in the public square. There’s certainly examples of fundamentalist vigilantes, but their views aren’t as widely shared. Seriously, do any Christian fundamentalists have the influence or power that Islamic extremists exhibit?

    Pretty lazy rationalizing, if you ask me.

  3. Extremism of any type becomes a problem only when it collides with the rights of others. Islam does not have a tradition of respecting the rights of others; this is seen in the rise of Wahhabism. Western Europe’s abandonment of Christianity, at the very moment Muslims are pouring into western Europe in large numbers, emboldens the radical elements of Islam. They see Westerners as believing in nothing. The problem can be quantified, in part, by demographics. The most popular baby boy name in London last year? Mohammed. The most popular baby boy name in Amsterdam last year? Mohammed. And so on.

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