Keep your theocratic hands off my free society

Memo to Muslims offended by South Park’s depiction of their prophet:

I’m offended that your religion facilitates the third-class treatment of women, and death for gays. And don’t tell me both sides could learn from the other — it’s all on them. Live in the Dark Ages if you want, but keep it to yourself.

Blogger Bilal el-Houri has seen both sides first hand in the Middle East. He says no matter how “cruel” the South Park episode is, “it should be a wake up call to Muslims around the world about how they are being portrayed, and instead of grunting and calling for boycotts and other actions, “they should begin by respecting free speech” and they should ask themselves, “why?”


2 responses to “Keep your theocratic hands off my free society”

  1. The average muslim may wish no ill will upon Christians and atheists, but he/she will be dragged along by the radical fringe, in somewhat the same manner that the average German followed the radical elements of the National Socialist Party.

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