Preschool prom

In metro Atlanta and a few cities across the nation, some early childhood programs are giving their students a chance to experience prom, senior week and senior class trips before they march across the stage to receive their “diplomas.” The pomp and circumstance is part of a growing trend to introduce 4- to 6-year-olds to … Continue reading Preschool prom

Yes, but what do washed-up Latino celebrities think?

Now on Joy Behar: Actress Rosie Perez and singer Jon Secada speak out on AZ  law. And on Larry King, Carlos Mencia borrows other comedian’s jokes to explain his opposition to the legislation. Later on CNN: John King reads the mayor of Tuscon’s Twitter feed. LIVE!

Who knew upstate New York was so fun?

Portfolio magazine lists the Top 100 Fun Cities, with an apparent bias toward upstate New York. I wouldn’t put Atlanta in the Top 10, but #34? Behind Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Poughkeepsie, Youngstown and Buffalo? I hear Syracuse is lovely in February. At least we finished ahead of Charlotte and Orlando.

The (not-so) secret life and death of a white supremacist

I’ve covered my share of Klan rallies, most of which were organized by Richard Barrett, leader of the Mississippi-based Nationalist Movement. I first met Barrett, murdered last week by a day laborer, in January 1989 at a sparsely attended march through downtown Atlanta. Hundreds of National Guard troops were dispatched to protect eight white supremacists, … Continue reading The (not-so) secret life and death of a white supremacist