Fearing Minnesota

I’ve criticized the rhetorical excesses of certain conservatives during the health care reform debate, and I’ll be equally unsparing toward hyper-paranoid partisans eager to play the victim:

Think about it – do you really feel safe in Michele Bachman’s state of Minnesota any more? I’m not sure we should assume we’re safe anymore at all in our own country. You better check your car bumper stickers to make certain you don’t have one that reveals that you voted for Obama. After all, Bachman’s encouraging her constituency to become “armed and dangerous” Americans. Last time I checked, Minnesota was not a state full of Al Qaeda terrorists, which means if armed and dangerous Minnesota folks are in the mood to go target hunting, people like you and me are in big trouble.

Noted & quoted, Tyler Perry sucks edition

One of my USC profs critiques Tyler Perry Inc.:

There are chemical drugs that alter the mind and and then there are drugs like those ignorant-ass, handkerchief head movies and television programs that TP releases under his banner. Movies and television shows that paint black people as a bunch of overly religious, jive-talkin’ clowns, in bad clothes.

Yet, in spite of the demeaning stereotypes and utter disregard for black humanity, TP’s dope has some people reluctant to criticize him. Many point to TP’s money and success and in turn use this to justify their support of his nefarious enterprise. No one is crazy enough to actually try and defend the garbage that he puts out, so praising his business success allows them to shift the focus away from the amateurish flicks that he makes.