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Three ways today’s conservatives are nothing like Reagan

I’m generalizing, as there’s still some conservatives who haven’t sipped from the populist tea:

  1. Reagan knew the difference between Maine and Mississippi. Today’s conservatives want to rid the GOP of anyone to the left of Jesse Helms. Reagan selected a pro-choice moderate as his running mate. Does the Hannity crowd really think Maine would vote for a Palin Republican?
  2. Reagan was a foreign policy realist. If the neocons had been around back then Nixon would’ve never gone to China and the military would still be trying to save face in Lebanon. Reagan didn’t wage wars the U.S. couldn’t win (see Grenada).
  3. Reagan wasn’t an asshole. Limbaugh’s lackeys seem to model their personalities on Judge Smails, minus the college education. Tonight I heard shrieking lunatic Mark Levin ridicule an 89-year-old woman who supports health care reform. Classy.

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