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The Anchorman, disingenuous as ever

Interesting that Mitt Romney is criticizing ObamaCare, since the plan he signed into law as Massachusetts’ governor touted universal coverage through a combination of individual and employer mandates paid for by government subsidies. The conservative Cato Institute called it a mirror image of the Democratic plan, but that’s okay, Romney said, because his was done on a state level.

“It is the ultimate pro-life effort,” said the automaton who, during his gubernatorial campaign in 2002, promised to “preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose and am devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that regard.”

Two years ago Romney emerged as the favored GOP presidential candidate of AM radio propagandists and “movement conservatives,” none of whom seemed all that bothered by his domestic resume. Obama proposes virtually the same health care plan and they call him a Marxist.


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  1. I wonder if Romney and John Boehner hold hands during their tanning bed sessions.

  2. I don’t agree with all of his social stances, but you have to give him credit for being a catalyst for real, positive change. More so than any other viable candidate from either party, Romney’s track recod, both in the private sector and in public office, is second to none when it comes to transforming broken systems. If candidates were judged solely on their experience, rather than color of skin, religion or shade of tan, Romney would win in a landslide.

  3. I give him credit for demonstrating that socialized, government mandated healthcare is a financial failure as Mass is demonstrating so well today.

    He is a proven and successful business executive and something we desperately need in the WH today. Obama is spending money like a Trust Fund baby.

  4. If he’s responsible for “financial failure” in Mass., how then does he qualify as successful and proven? That’s what we desperately need, a man responsible for failure?

  5. Tongue in cheek, but he has had great success outside of the Mass Healthcare debacle.

  6. Romney was against it before he was for it before he was against it. He vetoed the healthcare legislation, his vetoes were overridden, and then when it became law he took credit for it…until it became unpopular and then suddenly he decided he hated it again.

    Perhaps his most famous flip-flop, though, was when he said in an interview with a gay newspaper during the 1996 Senate race that he’d be more of an advocate for gay rights than Ted Kennedy…and then 8 years later he was fighting for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in the state.

    The man is a spineless douche.

  7. You can call him a flip-flopping douche all you want, but the reality is Romney has more experience than any other candidate, including BO. Had the voters been able to see the state of the union today, I’m sure a few more of them would have voted for Mitt.

  8. Romney can’t be that smart of a guy. After all, he still hasn’t figured out that he will NEVER be the Republican nominee because:

    a. He’s a practicing Mormon.
    b. He was the governor of Massachusetts.
    c. He was the governor of Massachusetts and is a practicing Mormon.

  9. atlpaddy, you’re right that because he’s a practicing mormon he will never win the GOP nomination (not to mention gov of mass). but i’d submit that that says more about our country than mr. romney’s IQ. he graduated top of his class in harvard law AND harvard business, AND was the valedictorian as an undergrad. again, my only point is that he has the experience and track record, more so than anyone else from either party, to really turn things around in the country.

  10. He was my governor for 3 years, and I don’t give a crap about his education or his so-called experience…he was a lousy governor. If he hadn’t decided against running for a second term, I sincerely doubt he would have earned one.

    And he’s a spineless douche.

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