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What does Paul Hewitt have in common with Sonny, Shirley and the Ox?

None would last a minute in a hostile media market like New York or Chicago.

Today it was the Tech hoops coach’s turn to blame all his problems on the local organ.

“I haven’t read your paper since 2005. After the 2005 season, when that team that went to the ACC finals and went to the second round and lost to Louisville was absolutely bashed, I said there’s no objectivity here. … But yet, anything I hear out of your paper I hear is a negative slant.”

It gets whinier.

If you choose to be negative, and choose not to support, that’s your prerogative too. Just pick a side.

He’s either clueless or disingenuous. It’s not the paper’s job to root blindly for the local sports teams. Hewitt sounds like a redneck Bulldog fan carping about “biasness.” Case in point:

Sunday’s sports page headline, “Dogs get put in their place,” referring to Georgia’s 51-33 loss to Tennessee, is an indication of the way The Atlanta Journal-Constitution views Georgia. From the front page to the business page and now to the sports page, it is as if the AJC gleefully awaits lousy news about all things Georgia and pounces with their poison pens whenever bad things happen to the good people of our state.

Other cities celebrate the successes and mourn the losses of local businesses, individuals and sports teams. The AJC takes the opposite position and — instead of boosterism — criticizes, investigates and ridicules all things Georgia.


Perhaps Hewitt, whose team is 7th in the ACC despite top-shelf talent, should run for political office. Play the victim well enough and one day you might find yourself nominated for vice president.


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