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The Blogosphere Says Valentine’s Day

From TBSW? archive:

Well, V-Day was a total bust, but don’t worry, ya’ll, it wasn’t Rand-O’s fault. Blame it on Hallmark. I was there yesterday, looking for a card for my baby doll, and it occurred to me — there’s no same-sex Valentine’s Day cards! I was so offended I just collapsed into fetal position and started weeping. The clerk came over and asked me to stop making a scene and then I really lost it.

“Oh, so now I know what it takes for you to notice me!” He totally didn’t get it! I wept some more then finally mustered the courage to rise to my feet and march out of that homophobic store. I had been already been offended 46 times that day but nowhere near as bad as that.

A point needed to be made, and you know me, ya’ll, I like to raise me a ruckus :) So I started calling all my peeps, asking them to join me for for a weep-in at Hallmark. They couldn’t ignore us then. Except no one was interested. Not one. I was so offended — even more offended than I had been 15 minutes earlier when the guy at McDonald’s asked me if I wanted to supersize my meal. What did he mean by that, that I’m some fattie who can’t get by on a quarter pounder with cheese and a medium fries? Or was he making fun of me for being gay?

I asked him, and he acted all innocent. That really offended me. Do you know hard it is to eat a hamburger when you’re crying?

So my weep-in failed. People just don’t care about changing the world, I guess. My Valentine’s Day was ruined. I told Randy that I needed to be alone. He’s so understanding, he was totally okay with it.

There I was, all by myself, crying, listening to my “Best of Charlene” CD. Then it hit me — I can’t give up! I had to keep on believing, ’cause that’s when dreams come true.

And my dream, of a gay greeting card store, will come true, so me and my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters will never again have to feel that isolation I experienced at Hallmark. I’m going to make sure of it.

Now sing along with me and my gal Charlene:





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