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Save us, white man, before you kill again

Perhaps when you spend most of your time fantasizing about life on other planets you fail to understand life on your own.

I have no interest in seeing movies written by James Cameron, let alone ones that recycle a patronizing theme: White man as villain and savior (see “Pocohantas,” “Mississippi Burning” and about 500 other Hollywood movies).

Nice dreads.
Are those dreadlocks or did his Aunt Jemima bandana come unwrapped?

I don’t think Cameron is a racist — just clueless (though I wonder about his fellow sci-fi geek, George Lucas, creator of the Jar Jar Binks “characterature”).


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  1. Well, just watched it and it is just a visual overkill. Fantastic visuals, special effects, battle scenes, technically probably the best movie ever – however, the dialogue is really really crappy – let’s say CSI level. The story is not new nor very smart, but ok, just it could have be done better – but I guess Cameron was too busy in developing all the special effects and forgot character development.

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