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“Avatar” has set a box office record, which shouldn’t be a surprise. Sci-fi geeks have taken over the culture, as I warned in a 2003 editorial for the AJC.

On TV, “Jersey Shore” is all the rage. Who would’ve thought Jersey caricatures would be such a hit? Ahem.

As for columnist Nikki Finke’s absurd trademark petition … see headline.


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  1. I don’t know about “taken over the culture”, so much as “staked a claim in the economy,” and various bucket-wielders have been running around in our direction for quite some time.

    Are you seriously claiming that the peddlers of least-common-denominator junk are now peddling usefulness, merely by changing the junk’s flavor? That’s a bit far-fetched.

  2. You’ve lost me. My only point is that geeks and guidos have unprecedented influence in our entertainment options. This doesn’t wholly explain why we’re at a creative nadir, but I could happily live without yet another sci-fi fantasy.

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