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desperate democrats

A pretty deplorable flier sent out by the Coakley campaign. This may put Scott Brown over the top in Massachusetts.


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  1. Not quite as crazy as it may seem…538 forwarded an article about Brown being relatively liberal vs. other GOPers; don’t know if that will matter as a Sentator, but it certainly plays in the election.

    Also, this answers the question of why “Healthcare” passage was a priority before end-of-2009. This is now a one-state referendum on that bill, and that complete ball of SNAFU might just cost the Dems a Senate seat.

  2. I’ll also note that someone (presumably a family member) sold me out to the RNC; their only email to me since the quake was 1/16, to solicit donations for Red Cross / Salvation Army (church-approved charities, I suppose).

    Pres. Obama’s office sent on 1/14, its call on for charity and statement of progress(their site is hosting info from multiple orgs and gov’t branches).

    I’ve received no fewer than six messages from various senate offices, for the MA election. Desperation, indeed. :)

  3. I think calling Curt Schilling a Yankees fan will get her more voter wrath than this.

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