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enough with the obeisance

Being a stickler for manners and etiquette, I didn’t have a problem with President Obama bowing before the Japanese emperor. A tad obsequious, perhaps, but not out of line.

Having sad that (nod to the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” finale), I’m put off by the leader of the free world’s bow before the Chinese premier. This would be akin to bowing before Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, though neither of them bear responsibility for the ongoing assault on human rights in China. Even the mere whiff of submission to the Chinese is offensive. Obama needs to cease with the symbolic pandering.






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  1. Oh come on…at least the man is polite, something most Americans have failed to be for the past 8 years – and many still act from a position of ignorance.

    Much ado about absolutely nothing.

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