out of afghanistan

warThe imagery is horrible. The heroin kingpin brother of the crooked Afghan president is apparently on the C.I.A. payroll. It’s becoming clear that we have no idea what to do in this part of the world. Stop digging the tires, even though it shames the U.S.

Sometimes it’s best to admit defeat.

One response to “out of afghanistan”

  1. We’ve never fought to win unfortunately. Remember what happened to the last super power who left Afghanistan.

    Our departure will leave a huge vacuum in that area and will be seen as victory by the muslim jihadists. Which means they will keep coming after us.

    We need to do what it takes to win – whatever that is. It is sad that our President refuses to listen to his Generals. I guess he knows all with all of his experience – thank goodness McCain wasn’t elected who knows what would’ve happened.

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