countdown to pride (cont’d)

Where it all began:

In truth, the gay community has only itself to blame. Could it be we’re suffering the consequences of elevating one too many lightweights to hero status, just because they’re gay and famous? And where’s the indignation over repeatedly trite media characterizations of homosexuals, as if it’s a given that we’re all theatrical and melodramatic, with a show tune in our hearts? …

Perhaps my beef lies more with the fact that movies such as the latter actually do reflect our lives, featuring far too many shallow characters and predictable plot lines. The gay movement hasn’t matured; it’s grown stale. Pride marches have turned into shopworn cavalcades of been-there, done-that decadence.

shirley franklin gives mary norwood a boost

Atlanta’s thin-skinned mayor just blasted the current leader in the polls.

I support candidates with vision, integrity and intelligence and I have voted for candidates with these 3 characteristics throughout my life. Mary Norwood has none of these. Therefore, I do not support her candidacy for mayor.

That’s sort of like being criticized by George W.

george will legitimizes crazy michele bachmann

Either George Will didn’t do his homework or he’s given up and joined the wing nuts. Regardless, his column in praise of Bachmann is an embarrassment. The Minnesota congresswoman represents the very worst of the GOP, linking volunteerism to “re-education” camps, accusing gay people of recruiting children, labeling swine flu a Democratic disease and opposing the census.