the not ready for prime time mayoral candidates

Lisa Borders’ first commercial boasts that “she made the tough choices — no more furloughs, police walking our neighborhoods, safety in our homes.” Translation: “It may not be popular, but I’ve decided to come out against armed robbery and for better schools.”

Kasim Reed’s introductory ad promises 750 new cops, an absurdly unrealistic (and unnecessary) goal. We’re told “experts praise Kasim Reed’s plan to create centers of hope,” though no experts are listed and I have no idea what a “center of hope” is. I’d like to know how he’d pay for those hope centers, since hiring 750 cops would break the city.

Mary Norwood draws a pass because she’s yet to air a commercial.

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  1. what about a center of hope & change. Reed comes from the Shirley camp – no thank you.

    Spikes might be the best, but he doesn’t have a chance.

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