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atlmalcontent’s all-overrated list

1. “The Office,” American version;
2. Steve Carrell. Meh;
3. “Juno”;
4. Barack Obama. Guess what? He’s a politician;
5. Coldplay;
6. Kanye West;
7. “American Beauty”;
8. Anyone and everything from Boston;
9. Football (NFL and college);
10. Atlanta. Sorry to say;
11. Alleged feminist intellect Naomi Wolf;
12. U2;
13. The Olympics (summer and winter);
14. Humorous professional athletes. Sportscasters are an easy audience;
15. “Boogie Nights.” For the sake of longtime Malcontenters, I’ll stop;
16. Stability in Iraq. Just because you aren’t hearing about it doesn’t mean everything’s okay;
17. The economic recovery. Unemployment’s at 10 percent, and no one I know is breathing easy;
18. So-called patriots. Yelling at Congressmen, or spreading malicious lies on cable TV, does not make you a patriot;
19. Organized religion. “Big government” wouldn’t be an isssue if ministers were as concerned about poverty as they are gay marriage;
20. Gay marriage. Equality matters more to me than participation in an antiquated religious ceremony;
21. Golf. I’d rather be stuck on the toilet for two hours with nothing to read. By the way, it’s not a sport.





4 thoughts on “atlmalcontent’s all-overrated list Leave a comment

  1. Next time I get into a heated debate (they happen more often than one would think!) about golf not being a sport (I’m with YOU), I am going to call you in for back-up.

  2. 1. blogs
    2. bloggers’ opinions
    3. bloggers who think they’re funny
    4. Curb Your Enthusiasm — let’s see how many different ways we can recycle the same plot.
    5. lists of overrated things

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