right-wing hysteria du jour

*From a NewsMax blogger: “There is a remote, although gaining, possibility America’s military will intervene as a last resort to resolve the “Obama problem.” Don’t dismiss it as unrealistic.” John Perry says he doesn’t advocate a coup, yet goes on to make the case.

*Arizona congressman Trent Franks, speaking to the “How to Take Back America” conference, labeled Obama “an enemy of humanity.” His spokesperson later clarified: Franks meant “unborn humanity.” You’d think a pro-lifer would find that redundant. (Not suprisingly, Franks is a birther.)

the not ready for prime time mayoral candidates

Lisa Borders’ first commercial boasts that “she made the tough choices — no more furloughs, police walking our neighborhoods, safety in our homes.” Translation: “It may not be popular, but I’ve decided to come out against armed robbery and for better schools.”

Kasim Reed’s introductory ad promises 750 new cops, an absurdly unrealistic (and unnecessary) goal. We’re told “experts praise Kasim Reed’s plan to create centers of hope,” though no experts are listed and I have no idea what a “center of hope” is. I’d like to know how he’d pay for those hope centers, since hiring 750 cops would break the city.

Mary Norwood draws a pass because she’s yet to air a commercial.

a sad day in atlanta history

(Thanks to Thomas for this fantastic find)

The 1996 Olympics were fun while they lasted, but things went downhill from the moment corrupt fascist facilitator Juan Antonio Samranch labeled the Atlanta games “most exceptional” (instead of the customary “best Olympics ever”).

Atlanta’s transformation into a bland, overcommercialized metropolis didn’t start in 1996, but the Olympics certainly hastened the metamorphosis. Chicago need not despair — though their weak presentation, including overstated, cliche-ridden pleas from the Obamas, was an embarrassment.

atlmalcontent’s all-overrated list

1. “The Office,” American version;
2. Steve Carrell. Meh;
3. “Juno”;
4. Barack Obama. Guess what? He’s a politician;
5. Coldplay;
6. Kanye West;
7. “American Beauty”;
8. Anyone and everything from Boston;
9. Football (NFL and college);
10. Atlanta. Sorry to say;
11. Alleged feminist intellect Naomi Wolf;
12. U2;
13. The Olympics (summer and winter);
14. Humorous professional athletes. Sportscasters are an easy audience;
15. “Boogie Nights.” For the sake of longtime Malcontenters, I’ll stop;
16. Stability in Iraq. Just because you aren’t hearing about it doesn’t mean everything’s okay;
17. The economic recovery. Unemployment’s at 10 percent, and no one I know is breathing easy;
18. So-called patriots. Yelling at Congressmen, or spreading malicious lies on cable TV, does not make you a patriot;
19. Organized religion. “Big government” wouldn’t be an isssue if ministers were as concerned about poverty as they are gay marriage;
20. Gay marriage. Equality matters more to me than participation in an antiquated religious ceremony;
21. Golf. I’d rather be stuck on the toilet for two hours with nothing to read. By the way, it’s not a sport.