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First of all, I lost my job as diversity coordinator at Diversity Today, the magazine for professionals in the diversity field. It was so unfair. No one’s been hit harder by this stupid recession than me! Fortunately, I’ve been able to make a living as a plaintiff in various class action lawsuits, including the one filed against the publisher of Diversity Today. I like to think I have good control of my emotions, but sometimes I gots to get my anger on. So I went to the publisher’s house last month, rang the door and screamed in his face.

It’s good to let your anger out, as I learned in the amazingly empowering documentary, “Waiting for Guffman.” That brave theater director taught me lots!

Things with Xander are a little shaky. I was so excited about Pride and Halloween and originally loved Xander’s idea that we dress as the amazing Liza Minnelli and her ex-husband, David Gest. That is, until Xander told me he would be going as Liza. He actually said I would make a more convincing David Gest. I just looked at him, shaking, with tears welling in my eyes. Then I just screamed at his ass face!

I remember when Rand-O and I went as Nick and Jessica. We both looked amazing, and we had an amazing time because we were both beautiful people. On the inside, too, I might add.

I don’t know what’s going to happen this weekend. I’m beginning to wonder if I can stay with Xander. He’s actually ruining Pride for me!

And that makes me sad. And angry. Last week I waited outside a Mormon church and confronted as many of them as I could. Shame on them!

And shame on anyone who opposes hate crimes legislation. Don’t they know hate crimes save lives? Or maybe they just don’t care!

Well, I’m off to try and get my Pride on. Maybe I’ll watch my favorite movie, “To Wong Foo,” starring the amazing Patrick Swayze. It always puts me in my happy place. At least my heat allergies won’t be an issue this year.

as seen on a windshield in southwest atlanta

DO WE REALLY NEED to replace [Cleta Winslow] with a CUTE, Politically Ambitious METRO-SEXUAL MALE; with a left ear ring? Propped-up and financed by the Atlanta GAY MOVEMENT, and White Gentrifyers attempting to take over Pittsburgh — Adair — West End. TO LEAD US?

Researched and paid for by Intelligent Voters S.W., ATL
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