have they forgotten?

Who put them in charge? Dick Cheney

Those yearning for a third term by Dick Cheney must be sadists or masochists. Or both. If Cheney had indeed been calling the shots, we’d be mired in THREE quagmires.

*Afghanistan. Call it Obama’s war all you want, but the only thing he’s done differently in nine months (compared to the seven years the previous administration was in charge) is add more troops. The Cheney Plan privatized our national security, and isn’t that working out splendidly?

*Iraq. Cheney initially opposed the troop surge; his support of the troop-lite Rumsfeld fantasy facilitated it.

*Iran. Cheney supported a preemptive strike. That would’ve neutered the ongoing revolution in that country. Iranians, like Americans after 9/11, would’ve likely rallied around their president.

So, feel any safer?

One response to “have they forgotten?”

  1. It is Obama’s responsibility now – Cheney’s third term ended with a thud last November. Don’t like the way things are going – blame a Democrat.

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