back from the grave (west palm beach — same difference)

Disgraced former mayor Bill Campbell was back in town Sunday night, holding court at Atlanta socialite Tom Houck’s birthday party. Like many Atlantans, hizzoner is not a fan of his successor: “I’ve never heard of a mayor furloughing police and firefighters. Never.” Granted, having your stewardship attacked by Bill Campbell is sort of like having Michael Bay criticize you for lacking subtlety. Just thought I’d pass it along. *FYI: Campbell finally shaved the Hitler ‘stache.

tortured logic

WALLACE: So even these cases where they went beyond the specific legal authorization, you’re OK with it? CHENEY: I am. John McCain dissents, which is sure to inflame Republicans who’d rather follow the lead of draft dodgers and the morbidly obese. Besides, what would McCain know about torture? Before responding with Fat Bastard’s talking points, ask yourself how facilitating a new generation of terrorists makes us safer?