the other “n” word

Leonard Pitts shames the extremists:

But in modern America, unfortunately, rhetoric often starts over the top and goes up from there. So fine, George W. Bush is “a smirking chimp.” Fine, Barack Obama is “a Chicago thug.” We have a Constitution, after all, and it says we can say whatever we want. It doesn’t say it has to be intelligent.

And yes, you are even protected if you liken Obama or Bush to Hitler. Yet every time I hear that, it makes me cringe for what it says about our collective propensity for historical amnesia and our retarded capacity for reverence. Once upon a lifetime ago, 6 million people with DNA, names and faces just like you and I, were butchered with gleeful sadism and mechanistic dispatch. “Six million people.”

You and I may no longer respect one another, but is it asking too much that we still respect them?

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3 Comments on the other “n” word

  1. Hear! Hear!

  2. IC Atlanta // August 20, 2009 at pm //

    Funny where was this from 2001-2008? Newt was called Hitler – no complaints from Pitts then. Funny stuff these libs.

    Yes it is ridiculous to refer to Bush, Obama, Newt or Clinton as Hitler.

    However, the modern progressive movement does have much in common with the national socialists party and mao’s communist movement – collectivism and state control.

  3. If you had read the column you’d see that he did acknowledge the references to Bush, et al as Hitler.

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