the irrelevancy of advocacy groups

First the Petty Queer Establishment frets over “Bruno,” as if people will think the Austrian caricature represents all gays.

Now adoption advocates are promoting a boycott of a horror movie few (were) likely to see.

In a letter from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute to Warner Bros.- the studio behind the flick – they state that, “We are concerned that in addition to its intended entertainment value, this film will have the unintended effect of skewing public opinion against children awaiting families both in the United States and abroad.”

The letter also stated that the film “may impede recruitment efforts by feeding into the unconscious fears of potential foster and adoptive families that orphaned children are psychotic and unable to heal from the wounds of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.”

Would we really want someone influenced by a B-movie adopting kids?

By the way, the person who wrote that press release probably makes at or near six figures. Just saying.

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