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the nuts have wings

Apparently beating the drum for  irrational conspiracy theories qualifies one as a “patriot”:  


WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Obama’s ‘birth hospital’ in astonishing cover-up
Hospital once proudly celebrated president, now in active mode to hide ‘proof’
The hiding place
Where exactly do you think President Obama was really born?
Want to join the campaign for truth?
Everything you need at new ‘birth certificate’ store
WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Americans go crazy for birth certificate postcards 
Hilarious gift with important message strikes chord with patriots

5 thoughts on “the nuts have wings Leave a comment

  1. seriously – where is the birth certificate? Wouldn’t you produce proof if millions of Americans thought you were not an American born citizen serving as President.

  2. We will see, but would it matter anyway. Who follows The Constitution now. Just a bunch of old slave holders got together to try to avoid paying taxes to England.

  3. The only thing we will see is the far right embarrassing themselves time and again with more ridiculous conspiracies.

    Did we really see man land on the moon, or was it just a slick Hollywood production?

    WorldNetDaily (home of the “esteemed” Dr. Corsi) is a dumbed-down DailyKos with assault weapons.

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