daybreak in iran

It’s 7:14 a.m. Monday in Tehran. It promises to be a fascinating day. Over the weekend authorities arrested the daughter and four other relatives of ex-President Hashemi Rafsanjani, still a powerful figure among the ruling class. The backstage struggle between clerics, and even fellow ayatollahs, intensifies — a hopeful sign for reformists. On Twitter word … Continue reading daybreak in iran

sheldon greenbriar’s summer hiatus spectacular

Sheldon, still recovering from his showdown with Leeza Gibbons, is on sabbatical this month. Substituting on The Blurbomat: Sheldon’s close friend, movie reviewer Pete Hammond — the critic celebrities trust most, according to Byron Allen. “The Proposal”: A riotously funny screwball farce is a strong candidate for the year’s best comedy – at least so far. … Continue reading sheldon greenbriar’s summer hiatus spectacular

thugs on the run

This incredible footage shows demonstrators overwhelming the Iranian rioting police, who turn tail and scatter. No telling if this is an exception or the rule, but it certainly fuels my optimism. Watch it. via Andrew Sullivan

the supreme liar speaks

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s supreme leader sternly warned of a crackdown if protesters continue days of massive street rallies, escalating the government’s showdown with demonstrators demanding a new presidential election. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in his first response to the protests that the country’s disputed presidential vote had not been rigged, siding with hard-line President … Continue reading the supreme liar speaks

what do ahmadinejad and dobson have in common?

They’re both theocrats who blame the gays for everything. For good measure [Ahmadinejad] followed up with some more earthy language comparing claims of massive election fraud in last week’s poll to the passions of supporters of a beaten football team after a match. He then went on to accuse his opponents of “officially recognising thieves, … Continue reading what do ahmadinejad and dobson have in common?