more trouble for oxendine

The evidence mounts that Georgia’s insurance commissioner is a crook: The businessman whose companies funneled $120,000 to Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine’s campaign for governor has chaired a powerful behind-the-scenes insurance board for the past decade — after being appointed and repeatedly reinstated to the post by Oxendine.

another disloyal atlantan

Braves fans have put up with a lot from Jeff Francoeur, the entitled Golden Boy who, as a hitter, is only slightly more effective than Rick Camp. Now this: One thing that makes sense about Boston scouting the struggling Francoeur is that he’s a big Red Sox fan (he used to carry a Red Sox Mastercard until his Braves teammates made him get rid of it). These bandwagon-jumpers irritate the hell out of me — even more so when they are Atlanta natives who plays for the Braves. Not for much longer, I hope.