atlanta’s broke, and no one’s fixing it

Earlier today Nurse Hall and her husband attended an open house in Kirkwood. Their car was unattended for about 15 minutes, long enough for a hoodlum to smash a window and steal everything inside. They called 911. Three times. Each time they got a busy signal. Last weekend a West End home was gutted by fire as neighbors tried to call 911. More than one said they were on hold for as long as 20 minutes. The city’s 911 director disputes that, saying it was just seven minutes. As if that’s excusable. At least they got through. Not so today in Kirkwood.…

“a father that hunts with his son will never have to go hunting for his son”

So says GOP gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine, who thinks Georgia’s gun laws — which allow for concealed weapons in church and on public transport — are too restrictive. (I wonder if Eric Rudolph’s dad ever took him hunting?) This next clip, via Thomas, features all the oily insincerity of your garden variety televangelist. How long until he describes himself as a “Sarah Palin Republican?” I’m surprised he wasn’t dressed in “Confederate gray.”