bet on barnes in 2010

Roy Barnes all but announces another run for governor, and how could he resist?

Republican John Oxendine is not to be taken seriously, and does Georgia really want a female Sonny? Okay, that’s harsh — Karen Handel couldn’t possibly be as ineffectual as Gov. H. Dumpty, but his endorsement does the current secretary of state no favors.

Nathan Deal would be the GOP’s best alternative, but the longtime House member faces steep odds. Ironically, Deal — a former Democrat — backed Barnes’ first run for governor in 1990.

I wasn’t living in Georgia during Barnes’ four years in office, but I know he pissed off both the teacher’s union AND flaggers. That’s enough for me.

when partisans attack

Far right Republicans accuse the opposition of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Far left Democrats accuse the opposition of being the enemy:

You’re helping Hitler. You’re as a bad as Hitler.

Hard to say which is worse, but that’s a pretty fair assessment of the state of political discourse among those who speak the loudest.