backwater, u.s.a.

Andisheh compiled a list of cities moving forward on mass transit. Thanks to the General Assembly, Atlanta continues to move backwards.

UPDATE: Republican House Majority Leader Jerry Keen tells Atlanta to go fuck itself.

After we spoke with lawmakers who attended last Wednesday’s sitdown with Gold Dome Republicans about helping MARTA avoid drastic budget cuts — a meeting during which one lawmaker allegedly said he “[lived] closer to Disney World than any MARTA station” and occasionally rode the metro region’s largest transit agency to “ball games” — we’re now able to report the elected official’s name.

State Rep. Jerry Keen, R-St. Simons. He’s also the House Majority Leader. Lobbyists this session showered him with everything from Cirque du Soleil tickets to a $303.60 dinner.

One response to “backwater, u.s.a.”

  1. wonder how much the state does for st. simons area.

    At least we have bass fisherman coming to GA – that will save the state from this downturn.

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