maybe they should move the capitol to cordele

Georgia’s Republican-run General Assembly doesn’t like Atlanta very much. Another legislative session has come and gone and still no progress in solving the metro area’s commuter quagmire.

They only made things worse.


  • “This was a travesty,” fumed Atlanta Regional Commission Director Chick Krautler. “It’s an absolute outrage that the leaders of this state can’t deal with transportation.”
  • “If the Republican-dominated state legislature continues trying to destroy the city, the city should fight back,” writes Andisheh.
  • “They are playing politics with the future of the state’s economy,” says Sam Williams, president of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “There was a real abandonment to fix one of the most fundamental problems in our state.”
  • As Maria Saporta observes, “the only real winner in this debacle will be the Democratic Party of Georgia.”

7 responses to “maybe they should move the capitol to cordele”

  1. Cordele, where rail is for freight. Sounds about right.

    The first thing you see off the I-75 exit to Cordele is a dilapidated housing project on one side of the road and a cemetery on the other. Downtown is empty, ugly, and thoroughly depressing. Why don’t we just rename Atlanta as New Cordele in anticipation of its future?

  2. Kudos to the time-travelin’ shutterbug who snapped that header photo of I-75 right around the time Friday service to the airport is cut.

  3. The rural republicans causing the trouble were democrats for many years. Many changed to republican party for sheer political expediency.

    It is not just the city under attack, but the entire Metro Area. Any student of GA history knows it has been this way for many years – ever heard of the county unit system?

    Perhaps the metro area, or North GA, should secede from S. Ga. I know that S. Georgian’s understand the term.

    One thing for damn sure is GA’s next Gov needs to be from the metro area and Casey Cagel needs to go back to private business.

  4. IC, I agree with you wholeheartedly. That doesn’t happen every day, so I thought I should mention it. :)

  5. Whoa whoa whoa boys. I’m angry too but let’s remember here – two thirds of the Republican leadership (Cagle, Richardson) come from the north Georgia (Hiram, Gainesville). First Moultrie, now Cordele? Give me a break.

  6. Watch out, Schley County. You’re next.

  7. IC Atlanta is right. Once the Georgia electorate has soured on the so-called state “Republican” party, then those losers at the Capitol will just switch parties back to “Democrat” and start the nonsense all over again. Rinse and repeat. Georgia is worse than the Soviet Union when it comes to one-party rule. Only here it’s the Greedy Redneck Party.

    (griftdrift is also correct – some of the most egregious participants in the 2009 transportation obstruction were North GA or Metro Atlanta senate and state reps – I’m looking at you Jill Chambers).

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