swine fluke

The bank said Thursday that the man is believed to have been exposed to the illness while traveling in Mexico for business from April 13 to 18. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will do a second test to confirm the diagnosis. The man has been treated by a doctor and has made a … Continue reading swine fluke

so long, maudey

Fitting that the great Bea Arthur died on one of the most bizarre days of my life. I watched “Maude” religiously as a child, adopting her signature catchphrase, “God will get you for that!” I was a strange little boy, and I thank Bea Arthur for leading me astray. At the 2:02 mark in the … Continue reading so long, maudey

jerry the lion

My cat went missing more than a month ago, in early March. I figured he’d encountered a vindictive possum or wily coyote. Turns out he was trapped in a neighbor’s crawlspace. They discovered him yesterday, emaciated but still purring. Just got the blood work back from the vet and, amazingly, he checked out fine. He’s … Continue reading jerry the lion

last call at clermont a long way off

Even though the building’s for sale, the venerable Clermont Lounge appears to be safe. “I want to correct something,” said 53-year-old dancer Cathy Lankford, aka “Lil’ Cathy.” “People say this place is where old strippers come to die. That’s not true. I’ve been here more than 20 years.”

waterboard rush

Even defenders of torture can’t defend Limbaugh’s tortured logic, can they? “[I]f somebody can be water-tortured six times a day, then it isn’t torture.” Would kicking somebody in the groin six times a day constitute torture?