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we’re in good hands

Where to begin.

Let’s first take a moment to applaud GriftDrift for that brief post he wrote over a year ago about layoffs at CL. Apparently that was a major local story — particularly among the gravedancing crowd.

Of course that wasn’t the only big news broken by our local blogging community. Thank God someone had the courage to tell the story of MARTA’s SouljaGirl. I’d say stop the presses, but why bother.

As for evidence of bloggers breaking stories…though I can only take credit for some of them…my readers have helped me break many stories over the years including the Trackside Fire, which we reported a full 12 hours before the AJC, resulting in over 8,000 hits in a single day. Also, the Fellini’s robbery comes to mind, which the AJC never reported.

Finally, a note of thanks to the self-appointed doyenne of new media, spaceyg, for putting this debate into context. Her background in promotions makes spacey uniquely qualified to lecture on the future of journalism.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of the brave “new media” world. Toodles, as they say.


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  1. Bitter much?

    I am sure that some bloggers re-write press releases. I am also sure that much of the fabulous AJC is regurgitated from news services.

  2. The worst thing you can do to a blogger is ignore him.
    You just got 45 comments.

  3. No, Dale, I’m not bitter. I’m sick of hearing my colleagues demeaned by amateurs, and I said so. Obviously it struck a nerve. Now shouldn’t you be listening to Rush?

  4. Bitter much?

    And, once again, you don’t have your facts right. The AJC is not regurgitated from wire services — yet another lame accusation. If you insist that it is, prove it (and I’m not talking about National News in the A-section). Much of the content online is also locally produced.

  5. Oh, and there was this:

    BTW, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is going online only. No more print.

    Bomp Bomp Bomp.. another one bites the dust.

    All you “newspapers are sacred” clowns need to keep on fiddling.

    School on Sunday.

  6. Your post sounded bitter and I don’t think that is an insult. If you feel it is, I apologize.

    My facts are exactly right. I don’t have time to click around the web site, but I will guess that it reflects the print version. Maybe not, I read rarely.

    I just happen to have todays AJC on my desk, so I will be happy to provide the “facts” you think I have wrong. Where bylines indicate staff and wire sources, I gave each side a point.

    Section A
    – 6 AJC stories, 13 wire stories
    – Editorial page 3 local, 4 non-local

    – 9 AJC, 28 wire

    – 26 AJC, no wire

    -13 AJC, 7 wire

    – 4 AJC, 6 wire

    – 61 AJC
    – 58 wire

    48.7 % of the AJC is wire content.

    Take away the Metro section, which is obviously locally generated and the wire services can not do, and the wire services dominate AJC content.

    You suggest that I remove the most widely read section of the paper from the stats. OK. let’s remove Section A.

    – 52 AJC
    – 41 wire

    44% of the AJC is wire content, without Section A.

    I would say that qualifies as “much”.

    Wouldn’t you?

    I accept your apology in advance.

  7. The “clown” term was taken from another poster.

    My aplogies. I assume you will publicly chastise them, as well.

  8. Also, I didn’t count comics, weather and stock listings. Even though they are a large chunk of content and are not produced by the AJC.

  9. Dale,

    There’s a huge difference between wire copy and re-writing press releases, and you know that. And use of the word “clown” doesn’t change the fact that you are celebrating the misery of others.

    Seriously, man, you’re not welcome here.

  10. I now know what to do with all those ancient Beta decks floating around this place… jam your little itty-bitty weanie parts into ’em and hit “Play.” If someone first pries your little racoon paws off of it first. Wear latex!

    Is it happy hour yet?

  11. If the representatives of our “new media” keep exposing themselves like this I’ll have to slap a content advisory on this blog. Please, grayson, spare us the money shot!

  12. I have apologized for the Seattle P-I post already. I meant it.

    You accuse me of having my facts wrong.

    You state that the AJC is not “regurgitated from wire services”.

    You then challenge me to prove it.

    I do. Unequivocally.

    People don’t like to step out on a limb and be proven be wrong for all to see.

    I can see why I am not welcome.

    I will never comment on another thread.

    I will simply chalk you up to another thin-skinned blogger who can’t stand a factual debate which proves him wrong.

    Too bad, I really enjoyed your site.

  13. I never said re-writing press releases was the same as printing wire service articles. In fact, I worded them differently intentionally. We were discussing original content, specifically local original content of bloggers and the venerable AJC.

    Regurgitate – -verb to give back or repeat

    Precisely what AJC does with over 48% of it’s content.

  14. Dale, how many local news stories were written today within the Atlanta blogopshere? Actual news stories — not opinion, but a well-researched, well-reported news story? Not stories that were written a year ago, or linked from other sources.

    Maybe I should come down to where you work, mock your professionalism for awhile and then insist I could do as good a job as you, without any real training. Oh, and then I’ll laugh as you get shown the door.

    Embrace your inner jackass, Dale. No one likes an asshole who always plays the victim.

    Sorry for keeping you from the final hour of Sean Hannity.

  15. Instead of coming to my office, maybe you could respond to what I actually say.

    I have never mocked the professionalism of journalists at the AJC. I have mocked some editorial writers, both Left and Right.

    I have argued that owners and editors are out of touch and attempting to survive with an outdated business model.

    I have never said that blogs are the vanguard of original local reporting. You maintained that they don’t break local stories and others shot that down.

    I was refuting your argument that I was wrong about the AJC regurgitating wire stories.

    I have never said I could do it as well. That should be obvious because I don’t have a blog.

    I do agree that citizen journalists can do it sometimes. I don’t think they can do it all, otherwise I wouldn’t have a copy of todays AJC on my desk, would I?

    Just like with Rush, I work during Hannity. Hell, I don’t even watch Fox News, but don’t let that stop you from dismissing me with stereotypes and assumptions.

  16. Like Grift said on his blog… it doesn’t matter that I was 100% right.

    Tone is lost on the web, everyone knows that. The “tone” you refer to is your own bias regarding my posts.

    My denials are only implausible to you because you refuse to accept the fact that my argument in this thread is 100% factually correct and that your statement that my facts are wrong is not correct.

    I thought facts mattered to journalists.

  17. For a moment I thought the title of this post was: We’re In Good Hacks.

  18. I think what some of the “gravedancers” are missing is that many of us aren’t mourning the death of the newspaper per se — it’s that the market for professionally trained journalists seems to be drying up and blowing away.

    I like local news blogs. I get valuable information from them often. But I don’t like this crashing-the-gates triumphalism, because it carries with it the attendant assumption that journalism as a profession — trained for, compensated for, and practiced in a workplace of other pros — has no place.

    Someone in the last thread asked derisively whether we should continue getting our news from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, etc. That these and other news institutions are so shot-through with bias and shoddy work as to become worthless has become an unchallenged assumption. But I don’t think it’s true at all.

    Accusations of bias in straight news stories are more often in the eye of the beholder than the beholder wants to admit. In fact, if anyone wants to comment with a link to a random news story of some length, I can give you a liberal hack AND a conservative hack slant on it that either side would lap up like a bowl of milk with sugar.

  19. Sansho says it well. Journalists should be compensated for what they do, the question is where they will be doing it.

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