no experience necessary

Screw newspapers — as long as we have bloggers, the public will be properly informed.

I understand that we need local news coverage, but what can you not find out from numerous different blogs that you can’t find by searching online?

Also, in this writers opinion, I feel that the rise of the Internet has made it perfectly clear that the rise of citizen journalists has shown that dedicated, full-time journalists are not needed as much.

That writer sure write good, don’t he?

Look, I’m not blind to the yeoman’s work done by a handful of “citizen journalists.” But can anyone provide me examples of a major local story that was broken by a blogger — one with no previous journalistic experience?

Were their sources on the record? Were all sides given an opportunity to comment?

(I wonder why anyone would feel compelled to respond to someone with no recognizable affiliation. It’s hard enough for mainstream outlets to get public officials on record — why would they respond to someone with little or no audience?)

More importantly, how are we to measure a blogger’s credibility? They have no editors keeping them honest, nor do they have an established track record.

What is their agenda?

And where do they find the time? After all, a “citizen journalist” isn’t getting paid. Perhaps they’re independently wealthy. Maybe they’re kooks with a vendetta living off disability checks. Who knows?

I know I’ve paid my dues, covering everything from cops and courts to business and sports. Believe it or not, I’ve learned plenty along the way.

I’m not demeaning bloggers. Hell, I am one. But 1,000 untrained, part-time muckrakers can’t do the work of 50 professional journalists.

Besides, without the mainstream media, what are bloggers going to link to?

the readers write, and they’re not always right

A peep into my E-mailbox:

I am straight, & in Army Intelligence, I have witnessed this Gay underworld in Amsterdam…..they have no bounds or limits on their social life. Reason why so many gets AIDs & test HIV positive.

Only a liberal AJC reporter would write “Homophobic Slurrs-“That is a favorite term liberals love to use to bash Straights who oppose the perverted Gay lifestyle. The lifestyle John Evans lives resulted in his beating…

Capt. Tolerance wasn’t too happy with the coverage.

Reporter is putting a nice face on scene of MALE PROSTITUTION in Midtown…..What appears as a ordinary $$ deal gone badly for John Evans to engage in male prostitution.

Here’s the story that sent the reader into a tizzy.