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pummel your girlfriend, win an award


Nickelodeon says it has no plans to remove Chris Brown as a nominee for its annual Kids’ Choice Awards, despite the singer’s felony charges for allegedly beating up his girlfriend Rihanna. …

Nick says Brown was nominated for his work as a performer, and kids will decide who wins.

I hope he wins. Perhaps that’ll bring some attention to our society’s callous indifference towards battered women.

Oprah is right: If a man hits you once, he will hit you again.





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  1. He is famous and kids get what they want – this is America after all.

  2. Nominate a mysognistic abuser, but, whatever you do, don’t put Michael Phelps on a cereal box. Kids might think smoking pot is ok.

    Remeber children….

    Hit a girlfeind = ok

    Take a hit = not ok

  3. who ever thinks that beating a girl up is fukin retarted everyone is a bunch of sick and twisted fuks who think that run the world woman beaters should be locked up for a wile with the child molesters and rapist’s so thats my point on the whole subject CHRIS BROWN IS A BITCH!!!!!AH PUSSY BITCH

  4. Ah everyone don’t act like people don’t get beat up everyday, Chris isn’t a “pussy bitch”he’s just a young misguided superstar.

  5. I would have to say it is none of our business what happend with them. I feel bad for her and chris..we dont know what really happend that night. so let them be!!!! I hope they work it out and get some help…

  6. i believe oprah is totally wrong. Chris Brown for all we know was probably driven to beat rihanna it was probably her fault. If a little man in a little town hits a woman it wouldn’t be a big deal like this. But Chris Brown hits his girlfriend he is the fucking spokesman for violence. Women want all these equal rights so it shouldn’t matter bout gettin whooped

  7. Hey chris i loved u and i still do but why u have 2 beat up rhianna like dat, datz not kool just cuz she read yo text doesnt mean u have 2 beat the mess out of her and im only 11 sayin diz and i kno u wasnt raised like beatin up women like u did and if u wanna talk 2 me im alwayz here for and if u wanna look me up on myspace just type in Mikayla Campbell but i betta warn u itz private and im dead serious. LOOK ME UP

  8. i think celebirty status should just be scratched here and people should focus on the point. a woman got beat up by her boyfriend. happens everyday, happens to people we love, and happens to people who don’t deserve it. being a celebrity shouldn’t make it a “scandal,” it should just be what it is, a crime, and a stupid pathetic way for a man to feel good. chris brown should get what every other man gets who beats up his wife.

  9. This whole situation is just disgusting… Chris Brown should be locked up with the rapists and child molesters… not performing on a childrens TV channel as a role model.


  11. it mite be wrong dat he hit her bt i wuld of to if i was him n she went through my shit……… people look at rhiana lyke she innocent half of it was her fault to im not just on his side becuz i think he cute……. i no hw that game goes…… yall need to stop haten on him u fuken lames…….. fuk the hatas n yo life…………….

  12. i agree with the song. . .”chris brown should get his ass kicked.” and jasmin, ricky ricardo,Snafu, i hope (because it doesnt seem to be a problem to you) thats your mothers, or you sisters, or aunts, or daughters,get their asses beat. maybe then this you will understand the true severity of the abuse problem we have in American. IT IS NOT OK FOR A MAN TO HIT A WOMAN, AND VISE VERSA. no one deserves that. no matter what.

  13. i think this whole thing was stupid. she got hit. big whoop. people get hit all the time. just ’cause she’s a female artist shouldn’t make a difference. and plus we fought for womens’ rights. so why is it different for a girl and a guy to fight then for a guy and a guy or girl and a girl. plus, if this happened before, Rihanna should’ve left. i’m on nobody’s side but i think Chris has made more progress. he’s done what he needs to better himself unlike Rihanna who keeps acting all innocent. GROW UP EVERYONE! and focus on your life and not theirs. i dont think this should even be a public matter. i’m only 12.

  14. i think rihanna deserved, whatever she did to provoke him she got it, cops should of let him smack her sum more, stupid bitch thats wat she gets for sum how provoking her man

  15. i am sorry for you rihanna
    and i love rihanna
    and rihanna it’s the most beautiful girl
    i loveeeeeeeeeeeee rihanna

  16. Wow all of u people that think that its ok to hit a women because we fought for equality is fuckin retarded!!!! We know that we are not physically equal with men! Yes, men are stronger but again it doesnt mean that we should fight! Its not a fair fight!

    Gaby, honey, you are only 12 and I pray to God that you dont go through the same thing that rihanna went through!

    Beaters should be force to fight someone bigger and stronger! This way they’ll know how it feels to feel powerless and belittled!

  17. ok any man that beats a woman is a coward.
    Most females have no way to defend themselves against a male.
    Unless they have a weapon.
    A man should never resort to violence toward a woman no matter if she gave him a std.
    Beating a helpless woman doesn’t make you strong it makes you a coward.
    If you want to get into a fight hit someone that can hit back.

    Don’t ever say it must have been the womans fault. She doesn’t deserve to get beat just cause she made him mad. He should have never resulted in violence. Its just childish

  18. Um… Does anybody speak english anymore?
    You all (well most) sound like uneducated, strungout crackheads with no concept of what really happens in the world. You only know what you see on Utube or Facebook.
    READ A REAL BOOK! (If you can read!) Then maybe you will lean how to speak/write english
    Now go dizzle my nizzle ya hommie. Ya down wit dat?


  20. I don’t know what happened between them but what ever it was chris went a bit overkill.. This guy is a fucking low life… next time you feel like beating a woman pluck up some courage and fight someone like mike tyson and see how you feel being the little bitch in the fight.. Man your a fucking pussy..

  21. all these comments are fuking pointless…first off if r didnt put her hands on him there no good enough reason for a women to get beat. but a ugly lill mofo beatch needs to get his ass wooped no respect. fly ass rican from

  22. I’ve gone through each of the messages. I once thought that Chris Brown may have hit her as a reflex. But he didn’t. And he didn’t just hit her, he beat her. There is a distinct difference. One time may have been a reaction. But to continue to beat on a woman, knowing you’re stronger and watching her lay helpless on the floor as you hit her is inexcusable. I didn’t try to “get in their business.” I just happened to run across this article.

  23. -i aiNt takiNq nObOdy sidE -&&- i aiNt saYinq nObOdy ihS wrOnq Or riqht buhDd dOnt nObOdy knOe the real trUe stOry everYbOdy ihS aSumiNq shyt dOnt knOe da fuckinq stOry…i feel bahDd fOr bOth Ov them….every relatiOnship haS proBlemS && everybOdy makeS miStakeS-buhd like d-RaY saiDd yOu dOnt knoe wuht rihanna SAiDd tO make hym dO that nO1 knOe’S the whOle stOry

  24. How the hell does anybody feel bad for Chris Brown? He beat up a woman. He didn’t just slap Rihanna — he beat the shit out of her. He’s a weak-ass pussy who’s gotten off with a slap on the hand from a society that increasingly tolerates violence against women. I heard Rihanna was dating Andrew Bynum at one time — let’s see Chris try to take him on. He’d get the beatdown he deserves.

  25. damn chris beat dat ass i still love chris he wudnt beat mii ass u cudd trusst datt!!!!
    nahh it aint no telin wat frankenstien head dne tah deserve daattt

  26. she gave him crabs! i’d beat the hell outta that bitch too!! i’m glad it happened, i hate rihanna!

  27. @Gaby

    pretty correct.
    and did you read the whole thing? said she had bite marks on her hands. she probably had a hold of him and i’m sure she fought back. she probably hit him first. none of us know the whole story except for chris brown and rihanna.
    if anything honestly…rihanna just used this shit to further her career so she’s just a stupid little bitch. it’s whatever.

  28. Amazing what women are willing to forgive for fame. Hell Bill Clinton was alledged to have raped a woman, definitely sexually harrassed women and manipulated a young woman to giving him BJ’s while his wife and daughter got dressed for church upstairs. Yet, women love Bill Clinton. Poor Bob Packard (sp?) only kissed some girl in an elevator and Clarence Thomas asked if someone put a pubic hair on his can of Coke – yet the same women who love Bill Clinton and Chris Brown hate both those men.

  29. You people are idiots & most of you can’t even speak or write the English language. Freakin’ disgusting that people like Chris are allowed to roam the streets, & non educated morons like you all can also. America is going right down the drain – you idiots are pulling the stopper…

  30. damn dat nigguh chris moli wapped yo bytch rihanna ova der. aha i hope dat bytch lernd a lesson, cause a man shudnt hav to repeat himself!

  31. I think that no matter what ever Rihanna did to get Chris mad she does NOT deserve to be hit and having Nickelodeon should keep him on there that way it shows kids that its not ok to do that to anyone kids lifes are revolved around tv shows celebrity gossip and just plain gossip so they are watching all this on tv and thinking its ok to hit someone and get away with it. These celebritys are there role models and they look up 2 them and there showing bad things to do!!

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