sadie & sonny vs. everyone else

While there’s considerable bipartisan support to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Georgia, one formidable obstacle remains in place.

That would be our esteemed governor, whose religious beliefs allow for questionable loans and conflicts of interest but not for having a cocktail on Sundays.

Is bad hair a fundamentalist requirement?
Is bad hair a fundamentalist requirement?
He’s backed by the fundamentalist right, led by sanctimonious killjoy Sadie Fields.

“That dog ain’t gonna hunt in Georgia,” said the eloquently clever leader of the Georgia Christian Alliance.

Forget that the bill doesn’t mandate Sunday alcohol sales — communities will decide for themselves. Republicans want local control, as long as the locals want what the party’s most vocal constituency demands.

“I think we have to oppose it based on the sanctity-of-the-Sabbath issue,” said Jim Beck, head of the Georgia Christian Coalition.

Codifying religious beliefs — how very Islamic fundamentalist of them.

As long as the Sadie Fields and Sonny Perdues of the world have influence within the GOP, the party will remain at sea. You can’t say you’re for small government one minute and then impose your small-minded beliefs the next.

2 responses to “sadie & sonny vs. everyone else”

  1. Because it is Christian like to deal in shady finance, but not to drink alcohol. I guess that first miracle must’ve been water to grape juice.

    At least we have Go Fish.

  2. I may contact the ACLU to file a suit, anyone want to join and make it a class action? Surely some enterprising attorney can fight this on that mythical “wall of seperation”.

    I believe there was an earlier post about “useful idiots”…..

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