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21st century authoritarianism

The useful idiots cheering Hugo Chavez’s permanent takeover of Venezuela know not of what they speak.

Or maybe they concur with Chavez’s assessment of Zimbabwe’s brutal dictator Robert Mugabe:

“I give you a replica of liberator Simón BolÍvar’s sword . . . For you who, like BolÍvar, are and will always be a true freedom fighter [who] continues, alongside his people, to confront the pretensions of new imperialists.”

Perhaps they have no problem with Chavez’s cronies profiting from the country’s socialist revolution:

One of them even drove a Porsche Boxster with a bumper sticker promoting “21st Century Socialism.”

I suppose they agree that the Venezuelan president’s BFF Ahmadinejad is simply misunderstood.

And what of Chavez’s *miserable human rights record?

In the more than twenty years that Human Rights Watch has worked in Latin America, no government has ever expelled our representatives for our work, not even the right-wing dictatorships guilty of far more egregious abuses than those committed by Chávez.

–José Miguel Vivanco and Daniel Wilkinson, Americas director and deputy director at Human Rights Watch

So who’s more credible: Human Rights Watch or Sean Penn, who famously said of Chavez: “It’s true, Chávez may not be a good man. But he may well be a great one.”

*Anyone who questions the veracity of this post will be detained and questioned. It’s what “great” men do.


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