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a dictator is born

pennhugoVenezuelans have opted for authoritarian rule, with 54 percent voting for a referendum that eliminates term limits.

Now it’s official: Hugo Chavez is the new Castro.

The latest State Department human rights report cites the following government infringements in just the past few years: “unlawful killings; disappearances reportedly involving security forces; torture and abuse of detainees; harsh prison conditions; arbitrary arrests and detentions; a corrupt, inefficient, and politicized judicial system characterized by trial delays, impunity, and violations of due process; searches without warrants of private homes; official intimidation and attacks on the independent media; government-promoted anti-Semitism; widespread corruption at all levels of government; violence against women; trafficking in persons; and restrictions on workers’ right of association.”

Sean Penn must be thrilled. More on the increasingly churlish twit forthcoming.


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  1. Jimmy Carter is thrilled too – he never met a dictator he didn’t like. Venezuela goes down the tubes to a future Zimbabwe. Human history is amazing thing to observe. These dictators always two-bit criminals that come into power through intimidation and shear force. The American left, lovers of freedom, always support them too.

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