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“enforced media accountability”

Democrats are foolishly playing into Republican hands with talk of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine.

Limbaugh, Hannity and their ilk — power brokers within the GOP — actually help Democrats by turning off moderates (see Election, 2008).

Besides, it’s just plain wrong. The government has no business enforcing media accountability (Orwellian phrase of the week). I don’t want a Clinton, or a Bush, dictating what’s “fair.”


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  1. What this country really needs is a ‘no crap on America’s airwaves’ doctrine. That way we can get rid of dreck like ‘Jon and Kate plus 8’ and ‘Bromance.’

  2. Wonder where the ACLU chimes in on this? If the democrats want to be thrown out on their asses in 23 months they will push for the Fairness Doctrine. The democrat leaders are following in the footsteps of most dictators and tyrannical leaders. Eliminate the media opposition first.

    It is amazing how closely they resemble the government and elitist characters from Atlas Shrugged.

  3. Jim, I agree that the Fairness Doctrine was a straw man before Democrats like Clinton started talking about it.

    I’m not the one following talking points.

  4. How is the revival of the Fairness Doctrine a “straw man” when it could be used to silence the single largest and most effective private opposition to the majority?

    It is also my understanding that reinstatement only requires action by the FCC, not the Congress.

  5. 1) Because it eliminates a conservative voice or an opposition to the democratic mainstream

    2) You are correct

    I bet there is a serious attempt made within the next 24 months to silence conservative talk radio in the name of fairness.

    Is it fair the democrats just saddled all american youth with another $3.25 trillion dollars in debt? Makes W look like a piker.

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