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absolute power corrupts power-mad sheriffs absolutely

The little fish trying to sink Michael Phelps (having already arrested eight people who were at the party where the Olympian smoked pot) now has an armored personnel carrier at his disposal.

Sheriff Leon Lott has charmingly named the vehicle “The Peacemaker,” and insists that using a caliber of ammunition that even the U.S. military is reluctant to use against human targets (it’s generally reserved for use against armored vehicles) will “save lives.”


Drug war



4 thoughts on “absolute power corrupts power-mad sheriffs absolutely Leave a comment

  1. Check out the latest stories – 12 cops with their guns drawn to arrest 2 young guys for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

    What makes this evil rather than just stupid is the fact that South Carolina has the 2nd worst rate of per capita violent crime in the country. I hope the Richland County voters tell their Sheriff to stop chasing his 15 minutes and start protecting them from murderers and rapists.

  2. That sheriff needs to apply for a job in Clayton or Dekalb counties. He’d fit right in.

  3. I still don’t get the sheriff thing – you elect someone to enforce law? Why are there police academies?

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