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hypocrisy in sports coverage

Don’t interpret this as a defense of A-Roid, but why are football players who’ve been caught juicing never held to account?

Rodney Harrison and Shawne Merriman are two of the NFL’s best defenders, and neither player’s career has been tainted by revelations of steroid abuse.

They’re not household names, but you’ll notice the sports media always seems to excuse the sainted NFL. Same with Congress (though it has no business getting involved in either sport).

Does anyone doubt that PED’s are as pervasive in football as they were in baseball?


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  1. “Does anyone doubt that PED’s are as pervasive in football as they were in baseball?”


    You’re wrong here, C.

    1. Harrison and Merriman’s careers were tainted. They were both suspended without pay, so let’s not pretend they went unpunished. Now you could certainly argue they weren’t hurt as much in the court of public opinion. But then again are they on the level of A-Rod? Now how high would the outrage be if a Tom Brady or Ben Rothlisberger were caught?

    2. PEDs are not as pervasive because unlike baseball, football test for everything. Their test are so comprehensive players have been busted for taking over the counter cold medicines which contained “baby speed”. That’s not to say cheating doesn’t happen but you can’t say its pervasive.

    3. And this one is the most important. The NFL has had a policy since the 80s. Baseball only developed a policy less than five years ago. The very public sin here is that during the 90s when players were walking into the local GNC and walking out as Frankenstein monsters, baseball did nothing. Nothing. The image problem here is entirely self-made.

    So no. There’s no comparison and A-Rod and baseball are getting what they deserve.

  2. There are several ways around the NFL testing, either through masking agents or new drugs.

    I don’t believe it is possible to reach the level of size and strength in the NFL without PED’s, especially anabolic steroids and growth hormone. Maybe they are loading up in high school and college?

    Grift – do they test in the off season? From the article, it sounds like they may. Any cyclist who competes in the big leagues (think Tour de France) has to inform the control officers of their whereabouts at ALL times. In fact, one Tour leader was suspended last year or the year before for obscuring his whereabouts. The testers can show up, unannounced, at any time of the year and demand a specimen. The UCI has the most stringent testing in pro sports and some still find ways around it.

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