what do jackee, gene gene the dancing machine and a two-year-old girl have in common?

Bobby and Bobbi Bubbles have the most adorable little girl. Smart, too. And, through no fault of her own, a little weird.

I’ll take some responsibility for that — along with a bit of credit. Thanks to me, Ava appreciates the pure joy that is Gene Gene the Dancing Machine (though she’s a bit frightened by Chuck Barris).

Inspired by her willingness to learn, I started talking to Ava as if I were Jackee (despite not sounding anything like the “227” alum). Still, Ava gets it. Now, whenever i turn up, she says, “I need a ma–an.” And her Jackee is more convincing than mine.

Next up: Charles Nelson Reilly 101. Yep, Ava’s going to be real popular on the playground.

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  1. Bobby was actually playing the Gene Gene clip and Ava was dancing up a storm when our pizza arrived tonight. The pizza guy looked at us like we were insane. You are right, I might as well teach Ava some good Tush routines. She is following in her mother’s footsteps.

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