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Ill have four dogs, three bags of peanuts and two ice cream bars!
I'll have four dogs, three bags of peanuts and two ice cream bars!

I hope he fails.”

–“Somebody’s got to say it,” said Rush Limbaugh, affirming his desire to see Obama flop. Of course, if Obama fails, America suffers.

Sounds pretty unpatriotic to me. Hey, somebody’s got to say it.

Credit to Peach Pundit for the link, and for taking on Limbaugh’s self-serving, reckless campaign.

The GOP would do well to follow Peach Pundit’s lead. As long as Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter remain influential within the party, Republicans risk irrelevance.

what do jackee, gene gene the dancing machine and a two-year-old girl have in common?

Bobby and Bobbi Bubbles have the most adorable little girl. Smart, too. And, through no fault of her own, a little weird.

I’ll take some responsibility for that — along with a bit of credit. Thanks to me, Ava appreciates the pure joy that is Gene Gene the Dancing Machine (though she’s a bit frightened by Chuck Barris).

Inspired by her willingness to learn, I started talking to Ava as if I were Jackee (despite not sounding anything like the “227” alum). Still, Ava gets it. Now, whenever i turn up, she says, “I need a ma–an.” And her Jackee is more convincing than mine.

Next up: Charles Nelson Reilly 101. Yep, Ava’s going to be real popular on the playground.

it’s official: ben affleck is a pompous turd

Holding court at the Huffington Post inauguration party, Affleck decried the 24-hour news cycle, the kind of bold and original analysis you’d expect from the star of “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl.”

So we’ll have those little ticky-tack issues running in tandem with larger issues like, “Is $800 billion enough spending to jumpstart the economy out of the stimulus? And does a $1.4 trillion budget deficit, added to a $10 trillion debt, cause a sufficient—is it cause for sufficient worry that we need to reexamine the way we’re spending money? Or is it just a part of Keynesian economics that we should embrace to get ourselves out of this situation?”

I think all the rhetorical questions demonstrate that Ben has no idea what he’s talking about. 

What do you think, Matt Damon?