mike hucakabee, sodomist

6 thoughts on “mike hucakabee, sodomist”

  1. Does anyone rememebr the AIDS hysteria back in the late 80’s early 90’s? We were told by the AIDS establishment that “everyone is at risk” and the MSM gave us reports of HIV in bodily fluids. Of course, they told us bodily fuids, which led to hysteria about dentists, tanning beds, toilet seats etc etc only because they didn’t want to say or print “SEMEN”!

    I can defend him becasue he was as ignorant as the rest of America at the time and we thought we were facing the next Bubonic Plague. We believed that because that is what we were told by AIDS activists.

    This same hysteria is why we were spending more on HIV research than heart disease and cancer, even though more people died of bee stings every year.

    Now, I am wondering what made Annie think the Huckster was a sodomist? Is there a video somewhere of Mike saying to Anne “Ah blow me”? I would love to see that bit of footage.

  2. Anyone who is against sodomy has never tried it.

    Huckster, you don’t know what you are missing. :-)

  3. Whatever became of Matt Glavine and the Repub Rep from VA – you know who I am talking about.

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