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coach palin

I hope she’s having an affair with Ted Stevens — anything that would prevent her inevitable bid for the White House. She belongs on the sidelines, literally:

  1. Speaks in empty platitudes. Often mentions teamwork. Masters many cliches, repeats accordingly.
  2. Huge ego. Told Larry King she wants to help lead the effort to make reporters less biased ’cause, you know, she used to be a journalist. Yes, the former Wasilla sportscaster really said that.
  3. Avoids blame. The Katie Couric interview went badly because Sarah didn’t like the questions she was asked. I knew it was someone else’s fault. Always is.





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  1. Who is Sarah Palin anyways ,no one ever heard much about her untill she became the medias favourite joke throughout the US election .Since she lost the bid for vice president she never stops talking,guess she got to accustomed to the spotlight .Please media let her drift back to obscurity in Alaska and thank our lucky stars she was defeated and didn’t get into the whitehouse .Can you imagine a full term of Sarah Palin in our daily news?yuk!

  2. Sarah Palin is, apparently, a candidate who scares the bejesus out of the Left, otherwise they would just quit talking about her.

  3. I’d love to quit talking about her. It’s Sarah Palin that won’t stop talking. Also, I’m not on the Left — I just don’t want a unqualified demagogue in the Oval Office. I wish Republicans would stop trying to pass her off as some sort of female Reagan. And how can the GOP be the party of personal responsibility if their standard-bearers refuse to accept blame?

    Palin should state the obvious: “If I saw me on Katie Couric, I’d probably think I was an idiot, too.” Then I could assume she has some grasp of reality. And don’t give me this talking point about her popularity in Alaska — this is the same Alaska that keeps voting for crooks like Ted Stevens.

  4. “I don’t want a a unqualified demagogue in the Oval Office” – too bad because that is what America has. Plus she was going to be VP and not Pres. McCain is still living as of today.

    Palin looked bad in one interview – Obama thinks tax hikes and raising capital gains taxes is a solution to turning around the economy along with windfall profit taxes on oil companies. Oh yeah and he doesn’t believe in coal, nuclear or more drilling – now talk about an idiot.

    Before November 4th Palin had accomplished much more than Barrack.

    I am still looking for change, but now I see HRC as the new Sec of State – so much for change we can believe in. I thought we are the people we have been waiting for. Nope apparently we have been waiting on Clinton Administration retreads and a man who lied to his diary.

  5. How is Obama a demagogue? And Palin has looked bad in every interview she’s done, save for the lovefests with Greta Van Susteren. She better be careful — Greta may be trying to recruit her to Scientology.

    Neither Palin or Obama is “qualified,” at least in the traditional sense. But at least Obama seems to grasp the issues. Palin grasps talking points, and that’s about it.

    Why are Republicans holding onto this woman? She’s not a pit bull in lipstick — she’s George W. in a dress. If this is the best they’ve got, I fear for our two-party system.

  6. And this is what I have been waiting for – is ATLPaddy on here somewhere? Thank you Obama voters

  7. She’s the Governor of Alaska, treat her like you do the other 56 Governors and she will be as visible as they are in about three weeks.

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