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Sheldon’s first blurbomat

(originally published 11/08)

sheldon1Heading out to Jaye P. Morgan’s pad for mimosas, but first a little dish and ‘dat:

  • Arte Johnson was a troubled man.
  • All my non-heterosexual friends are angry with me because I voted Yes on Prop. 8. I don’t get it. I voted Yes for gay marriage. Methinks there’s some self-loathing going on.
  • Robin Williams + septic tank jokes = comic poop, er, gold. “RV” is this week’s must-rent.
  • From the “you learn something new every day department”: Turns out Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers aren’t married. As for Miss Powers, she’s still gorgeous!
  • Paging Doug Henning: The world could use a little magic and illusion right about now.
  • I’ll never forgive Leeza Gibbons for what she said to me.
  • I miss “Mastermind Monday’s” at David and Liza’s. Did you know I once met the game’s inventor, Mordecai Meirowitz? He didn’t find my Jewish jokes funny, which surprised me considering he lived in Israel.
  • I know most people find them cute, but trolls scare me.
  • Speaking of Paul Williams … I’m not a fan.
  • Bring back “Becker” — stat!
  • I know he’s a Scientist, but Tom Cruise never struck me as smart.

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