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please, don’t take us seriously

The Petty Queer Establishment never misses an opportunity to perpetrate the caricature:

It’s also a glamour job — inasmuch as any ink-stained gig can be glamorous — that keeps you close to high-profile people. “I think a lot of gay men are attracted to that boldface-namey thing,” says a gay reporter who has covered presidential campaigns. “My guess is that if you did a canvass of gay male journalists who are on-air or who are writing — so I’m taking out copy editors and producers and that sort of thing — you would find them gravitating toward spotlighty things. To me, that’s one of those things gays appreciate, is life on the public stage.” These reporters, he’s suggesting, have a fascination with life lived in public, and they like having their own place on that stage. “I think that the theater of politics is of real interest to political reporters,” says one of them. “And a lot of gay reporters are theater junkies as well. The candidates are divas, larger-than-life personalities, and I think there’s a definite appreciation for those characters.”

Besides conversing like an idiot (“boldface-namey,” “spotlighty” …), this so-called reporter makes the familiar mistake of lumping all gay men into one category. Just like it’s a given that all African-Americans like fried chicken and watermelon, are good dancers, gifted athletes …

Every other minority group (correctly) eschews their cultural stereotypes. Why does the gay community reinforce ours?


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  1. Malvolio:

    The reason we perpetuate the stereotype is that, like all stereotypes, there is a grain of truth in it. And this one may have several grains.

    Someone once said that the truth would set us free. He didn’t say it would be pretty.


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