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last gasp of the angry white man

Thought you might enjoy this dispatch from Buffalo native John Romano, spirited as always:
Broncos Bills Football

You won’t read about this in the liberal media. I tried to call that Rusty Limbo and let him know about it but I couldn’t get through. 

Last Friday I took my megaphone to various polling places in Gwinnett County, where I live, unfortunately. It ain’t Buffalo, I can tell you that. My goal was to harass people into either not voting or to vote for that McCann fella.

I’m no fan of his, either. I never thought I’d say this, but I wish that Poland woman was the president. She tells it like it is. She don’t try to be all smart either. I like that. Them intellectuals is what’s wrong with this country.

Anyway, I was shouting into my megaphone, “Chewbaca Osama is repugnant to me.” I got the inspiration from all those so-called gay pride marches they have down there in Atlanta. Every year I circle that Peachtree Park in my Cadillac informing them their lifestyle is repugnant to me. That really gets them angry, but like Mrs. Poland I says what needs to be said.

At keast I used to. Now our freedom to make speech is under attack, and that ain’t right. I hate to see what’s going to become of America under this Marx brother.

I’m sure that withered old hag at the polls was told to make me leave. I refused. I’m an American and I’ve got the freedom to tell people who they should and shouldn’t vote for.

The old battalax said she was going to call the cops and I told ’em go ahead, knowing the police would be on my side. Plus I’m good friends with former Buffalo Asst. Police Chief Harold Cavanaugh. Now there was a cop. If you didn’t agree with him he’d slap you with that bully stick. His had a rusty nail on the end.

Much to my surprise one of the officers was an illegal alien, name of Sanchez or something. I said look, Speedy Gonzalez, in America we got the right to harass people at the voting booth. Besides, I got jurisdiction over you ’cause I’m a real American. He didn’t like that much.

Next thing I know I’m sitting in jail. Me, a taxpayer and, might I add, a patriot, locked up just because I don’t like that Saddam Khomeni fellow. This ain’t the America I know.

Let me tell you something else you probably won’t read in your liberal media. This Obamo person is going to make basketball the national pastime. Can you believe that? I don’t even like baseball but that’s an American tradition. I just hope he don’t outlaw football and my beloved Bills. He’ll probably make us watch soccer. That’s what them columnists do, you know.

One good thing he might do is free O.J. Simpson, the greatest Buffalo Bill of all time. He’s been persecuted enough. And another thing. Give that Joe Kemp guy a job. He was a quarterback, so that tells you he’s smart. Regular person smart, not intelligent smart. I like how he explains things using football terminology.

Well I’ve done my part. My wife Pat’s picking me up and we’re going over to the C & S and get some batteries for my megaphone. Then we’re going to enjoy our last meal, so to speak, at Red Lobster. A nice fried shrimp platter will probably cost $100 once this Barry Bostwick fella is president.


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  1. How’s it going, John? Remember me? Sold you a car a few years back? I see you’re still driving the Caddy. Nice to know. You tell ’em, John!

    Nice work, CB.

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