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4/27/07: why obama will win the presidency

Eight months before his upset win in the Iowa Primary, I predicted Barack Obama would be elected the nation’s 44th president.

Obama represents a sea change — in philosophy, appeal and approach — from Bush and the dreaded “politics as usual.” Young people will flock to his campaign in numbers that will make his opponents drool.

Sorry for the gloating, but I’m typically a piss poor prognosticator.




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  1. I think I semi-called it after his ’04 democratic convention speech… not as precisely (more of a “that man will be a legit presidential candidate one day”) and more cynically attributed it to being his being great in front of a crowd and seeming authentic. I think the way I described it at the time was that he had the Clinton ease and comfort and ability to sound intelligent, without the Clinton smarmy feel.

  2. It isn’t in writing like yours, but after the 2004 convention I posted on another blog that the Democrats have a future superstar on their hands.

    This time last year I thought Hillary would win – now I wish she did – on the foreign affairs more than anything.

    I just hope he truly governs from the middle. He can’t win again as a hard leftist – although he certainly seems to believe it.

    The pissing match between Nancy, Harry & Barry will be interesting to watch.

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