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squeal like a pig, indy!

Has “South Park” gone too far, portraying Steven Spielberg and George Lucas as rapists in its season premiere Thursday?

Fuck no, though Paramount execs are worried. Watch it here, and hurry, before the lawyers get involved.


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  1. I saw that episode the other night and it was quite disturbing. Metaphorically true, but disturbing nonetheless (liked that they also got their shots in about the Star Wars franchise, too).

  2. That’s why I love South Park. They’re willing to disturb. Wouldn’t say that about The Simpsons, which is almost unwatchable these days.

  3. South Park is great. Love it. And did you know… there’s actually a city in Colorado named South Park?!? It’s only a few miles from Breckenridge.

  4. To me, the Simpsons have been unwatchable – pretty much since the beginning of this decade. It really sucks, because in my mind that was one of the best ever t.v. shows during its heyday in the mid-1990s.

  5. Also, one of the most disturbing aspects about the SP episode was the drawing detail paid to Lucas’ orgasmic face during ‘The Accused’ rape scene. Good God.

  6. Isn’t it impossible for south park to get sued because of the message they give out to viewers before they continue with an episode? With that little sign that tells viewers not to watch gives them the power to broadcast anything. I love south Park ITS HILARIOUS!XD

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