the top 10 movies of the 21st century, minus one

4 thoughts on “the top 10 movies of the 21st century, minus one”

  1. American Psycho, for sure. And that’s despite seeing it in the theater with my entire family. Which was, to say the least, a little awkward.

    To be fair, I’ve yet to see 21 Grams or Shattered Glass.

  2. My pick based on specific criteria;

    Borat – Social impact… Think about how many people you heard sayiong “very nice” and how stupid Bob Barr, along with a lot of our culture, looked. I remember being at my company annual meeting threee or four weeks after Borat was released and watching everyone try to stifle laughter while our keynote was delivered by a customer from Kazahkstan. No kidding, Borat was dead on with the vocal mimicry. It was painful. Some of us actually had tears. :-)

    Bourne – still can’t believe Matt Damon could be a believable badass, especially after seeing Team America: World Police

    Not on your list;

    Crash- I love twisty turny movies (No Way Out) with odd timelines and actors playing out of type (Pulp Fiction)

  3. Few qualms with your list, though I would replace Team America, maybe with There Will Be Blood. Others that merited consideration for honorable mention, at least (embarrasing I actually pored over a pretty exhaustive list of movies, but there you have it):

    About Schmidt, Capturing the Friedmans, Master & Commander, The Fog of War, Big Fish, Sunshine State, Far From Heaven, Lovely and Amazing, Barbershop, In the Bedroom, Bowling for Columbine, Crash, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Farenheit 9/11, Garden State, Hotel Rwanda, Saved, Supersize Me, A History of Violence, Capote, Broken Flowers, Hustle and Flow, Good Night and Good Luck, Jonestown, Lonesome Jim, Friends With Money, Waitress, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Downfall, Knocked Up, Into the Wild, Gonzo. That is all.

  4. Damn, I thought I had an exhaustive list, but obviously I missed a few. Gonzo and Jonestown were excellent docs, and oversights. Otherwise, Sunshine State and Far from Heaven stand out as my most glaring omissions. I thought Capote was a bit overrated. Have yet to see a few on your list, just rented Into the wild.

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