there’s the truth, and then there’s THE TRUTH!

Lionel Hutz missed his calling. There’s plenty to go after McCain about — lumping him in with the Minutemen crowd is disingenuous at best. Critics are right to accuse the Obama campaign of race-baiting.

The actual truth: McCain was villified by the right — including Rush Limbaugh — for sponsoring the Senate immigration bill with Ted Kennedy (supported by the president).

It almost cost McCain the Republican nomination. He’s backtracked a little yet remains a sensible voice on the issue. I’ve yet to see him demonize Mexican immigrants as so many in his party have done.

Calling him, in effect, a bigot diminishes Obama’s appeal as a unifier. Gutter politics is gutter politics, and both parties do it. Unfortunately, partisans tend to have convenient standards, rationalizing their candidate’s lies while demanding apologies whenever their opponents shade the truth.

Anyone care to defend this?

5 responses to “there’s the truth, and then there’s THE TRUTH!”

  1. I won’t defend Obama’s ad, but I will link to McCain’s ad that goes for a racial undertones bent instead of making a more substantive point.

    I’ve already made up my mind, but do you think these kinds of ad have an effect, positive or negative on their intended audience and/or the opposition?

    The bigger question: how much negativity, lying, misrepresentation, race-baiting is acceptable (to you or your candidate) and how necessary is it to achieving victory?

  2. My first instinct is to say “SCREW VICTORY and run clean campaign”, I realize this is naive, but…

    SCREW VICTORY and run a clean campaign! by implying that the other guy will ruin America you’re showing precious little faith that America was set up correctly in the first place, and by electing these gasbags who say that, we give credence to their point of view. I for one have had it with the lesser of two evils voting and intend to find SOMEBODY who represents me better to give my vote to.

  3. I saw this McCain from the first commentator – so Obama’s Adviser made millions and FannieMae is bankrupt. That leads to the question – who is smarter?
    At least Obama’s adviser made millions, so he knows how to make money. Not bad. Btw. if one man could ruin FannieMae, I really would ask myself – do we really need less government in economy – or should the government install a bit more control organs to prevent bankruptcy of so important businesses like FannieMae, FreddieMac etc.
    And sorry for being polemic….

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